Master in Chemistry
Laurea Magistrale in Chimica)

The Master in Chemistry (Laurea Magistrale in Chimica) is a two-year second level university course designed to train graduates possessing a thorough knowledge and culture in the various fields of chemistry, as well as a strong scientific and operational preparation in both basic and applied chemistry.

The course provides a range of four curricula (Analytical Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Supramolecular and Bioinorganic Chemistry), each allowing the students to achieve an extensive knowledge of advanced methods and techniques in all sectors of chemistry, e.g. synthesis of fine chemicals, molecular level devices and machines, new materials, chemiometrics.

Lectures are in Italian; however, most reference and study material for the preparation of exams is in English and is available from the Science Library, Chemistry Section.

Graduates in Chemistry are qualified to carry out activities to promote scientific and technological innovation and development, management and planning of technology and, in general, qualified professional activities in areas related to chemical disciplines.

According to their personal training, graduates in Chemistry will be qualified for enrolment in Ph.D. programs in Chemistry as well as in other disciplines such as Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical or Materials Science.

Professional and career opportunities

Career opportunities

Graduates in Chemistry can have a career in:

–      Public and private research bodies;

–      Laboratories for analysis, quality control and certification;

–      Public and / or private companies and institutions, as an employee or a freelance consultant;

–      Industries and work environments that require advanced knowledge in the areas of chemistry;

–      University Teaching.

General outline of the Course

The training plan provides a range of four curricula: (i) Analytical Chemistry, (ii) Materials Chemistry, (iii) Organic Chemistry, (iv) Supramolecular and Bioinorganic Chemistry. For each path, training activities (120 credits) are distributed over the two years according to the following scheme:

1st year credits 2nd year credits
1 Main Characterizing course 6 2 Integrative courses (6 credits each) 12
2 Laboratory courses (9 credits each) 18 1 Free course 6
5 Characterizing courses (6 credits each) 30 Foreign language and computer skills 3
1 Free course 6 Experimental thesis internship 39

Students are allowed to submit a Personal Study Schedule, in which the 120 credits required to obtain the degree are grouped in a different way from the curricula outlined above.

Project Laurea Magistrale Plus

Starting from academic year 2016-17, students enrolled in the Master in Chemistry are entitled to participate in the Lauree Magistrali Plus project. This education project offers to a selected group of students a Study Schedule based on five semesters (instead of four), including two terms of professional training with firms and laboratories registered with the University. Information on the University’s website:

More information in the Guida dello Studente (Italian only) on:

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